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Basic information

Font family: Monopolybats

Font subfamily identification: Regular

Unique identifier: Monopolybats

Full font name: Monopolybats

Version: Shareware V1 - [email protected]

Postscript font name: Monopolybats

Trademark notice: cwfb

Manufacturer name: Chris Brown (visual design)

Designer: Chris Brown

Description: MONOPOLYBATS is a symbol font based on the famous board game. Please note that the game Monopoly and it's images are not mine, but the work to put them into this dingbat set is.

: mailto:[email protected]

: mailto:[email protected]

License: MONOPOLYBATS was made by Chris Brown (visual design) It is not FREE, it is SHAREWARE. If required to use commercially, please email first. Chris Brown ([email protected]) A license fee is applicable. MONOPOLYBATS is not in the public domain and remains the exclusive property of Chris Brown. MONOPOLYBATS may not be redistributed in any way. That is: it may not be distributed commercially, it may not be sold, it may not be included on any form saleable package, it may not be converted or renamed, it may not be made available for download without the express written permission of Chris Brown. Chris Brown shall, in no event, be liable for any damages arising out of the use of this font. RememberMONOPOLYBATS is not free, it is shareware.

: mailto:[email protected]